Communication in stealth mode

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Encrypted communication & highly secure file transfers based on military standards

Tap-proof and forgery-proof communication for everyone. Intuitive – straightforward – timesaving.

The usage of conventional high performance encryption technology in mediums of communication has so far suffered from its own complexity and the difficulties that come with it for the user. Day in, day out one has to take notice of new scandals concerning data and cases of industrial espionage. The financial losses, which are caused by these incidents, often run into millions. A groundbreaking encryption-portfolio has been developed through extensive research over the time span of ten years. This portfolio can easily withstand even the severest attacks of highly equipped organizations and is simultaneously unrivaled regarding ergonomics and usability.

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100% Protection

The CryptoTec Zone offers 100% protection against any unauthorized access

CryptoTec Zone for private users and small business

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  • CryptoTec Messenger
  • CryptoTec Transfer
  • CryptoTec Workroom
  • Workroom-Storage
  • Own Workrooms
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€ 0,00
  • only for private use
  • not limited
  • 500 MB, max 25 MB per file
  • 5
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€ 9,99
  • per user / month
  • annual subscription
  • 3 GB, max 25 MB per file
  • 10
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€ 19,99
  • per user / month
  • annual subscription
  • 10 GB, max 25 MB per file
  • 20
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CryptoTec Zone for Business and Enterprise

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  • CryptoTec Messenger
  • CryptoTec Transfer
  • CryptoTec Workroom
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  • Own Workrooms
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€ 199,90
  • per team / month
  • annual subscription
  • 1,500 GB
  • 150
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  • Available through our partners
  • customized
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What CryptoTec Zone can do


Generation of a forgery-proof, unique Digital Identity and therefore protection against identity theft and fraud. Your native electronic identity card

CryptoTec Messenger

Bug-proof end-to-end encrypted communication via the chat system integrated in CryptoTec Zone.

CryptoTec Transfer

Encrypted transfer of files of any size even if unstable or insecure internet connections, such as open hotel WLAN networks, GPRS or Satellites, are being used.

CryptoTec Workroom

Closed User Groups to edit and exchange files via CryptoSync.

SOON: CryptoTec Conference

(PKI based high secure video conferencing) for professional bearers of secrets such as notaries

SOON: CryptoTec Pay with CryptoCoins

Forgery-proof and autarkic payment solutions (e.g. for the “Gambling and Payment industry“ with customer cards and e-money)

This is what makes CryptoTec Zone so secure

Encrypted with military standards

CryptoTec Zone relies on techniques of encryption which correspond to the highest military standards and cannot be cracked such as RSA-4096 unsymmetrical encryption, AES 256 symmetrical encryption and SHA-256 cryptographic hash-functions.


CryptoTec Zone checks transferred data/messages for manipulations and uncovers them.

Regular Pentests

To verify our software’s security we regularly hire external security companies to run penetration tests.

End-to-end encryption

We transfer your files encrypted from one end to any other given end via a secure transmission channel with protection against forgery.

Interception protection

The connection with CryptoTec Zone ensures the highest degree of protection from interception thru our guaranteed encryption, the transmission channel system and the device-dependent key generation.


All senders are confirmed via digital and device-dependent signatures and therefore send/receive all data secure and are thus protected from fraud or any kind of forgery.

What our clients say

“100% easy, 100% secure”

There is no better way to easily transfer huge files secure via the Internet.

Michael Mertens CEO & Security Expert, CryptoTec AG

“Secure communication – worldwide”

As bookmakers with licenses in Germany, UK, Austria, Czech Republic and Belgium we depend on the highest security. With CryptoTec Zone we have a solution which enables our employees, who are internationally spread, to communicate fast and tap-proof with each other. Winnings are disbursed with up to 100,000 EUR per ticket. Therefore, it is essential that forgeries and manipulations are entirely impossible.

Stephan Schäferbet90 Ltd, Malta


A good encoder is only good if you don’t even realize you are using it. This is what CryptoTec Zone accomplishes. Confidential design drawings can be transferred from Germany to China with CryptoTec Zone. Our design drawings are made in Germany, checked in England and our constructions are produced in China. Our confidential files stay in the right hands with CryptoTec Zone. This way we can guarantee that all data transfers cannot be intercepted without it causing us any additional expenses.

Markus Dicke, EntrepreneurGerman Biogas International, Peking, China

“Crucial commodity”

Data has become the new crucial commodity for companies. Companies need to keep track of all of their processes. To transfer highly confidential management ratios, income- and financial figures, we have created a solution with CryptoTec Zone that is convenient to use for managers on the board and directors while generating the highest security simultaneously.

Markus von Keil, Controlling Black Stone, Frankfurt, Deutschland


At the Friedrich Alexander University we use CryptoTec Zone for the coordination of confidential research results as well as for our personal communication.

Prof. Dr. Felix FreilingProf. for IT Security at the University of Erlangen and authorized expert for the Federal Constitutional Court

CryptoTec Zone Free

Free with 500MB Zone Storage included